A Million Moments – The #WhatAboutWeddings Campaign Film

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There are so many small moments at milestone events by which we measure the passing of time. The memories created stay with us through the years that follow.

This year, due to the impact of Covid19, we’ve all lost so many moments and those longed-for wedding days that so many couples have had to postpone or cancel. 

However we need to hold on and look forward to celebrating love, family, celebration, hope and joy more than ever.

So, today, we want to remind you all of those precious moments that weddings have brought to families and friends. We look back on the memories and we look forward to a time when more of these precious moments can happen again. 

If you’ve missed weddings this year, if you’ve felt lost, heartbroken, forgotten or achingly sad for the moments that were taken from you, we hope that this film speaks to you, that it touches your soul and lets you know that however you might feel on those days when all seems to be a little dark, that there is light out there and these small but significant moments in life will be worth the wait. In the light of latest national lockdown news, this film feels even more important and more poignant than we could ever imagined it would.



Our campaign film highlights just what makes weddings the incredible, extraordinary and life-affirming events that they are. These are the days that can never be replicated.  We want people to be reminded of just why weddings are so important. We want to show what they represent, what they say about us as humans, the role they play in society, and why we need them, more than ever, to look forward to.

In the light of news from the government and Boris Johnson yesterday evening, we feel this film is even more important that we imagined it would be. At this moment we need a reminder of what’s important about life and weddings, these milestone events. We need hope. We need love and community.

Couples, venues and wedding suppliers – we know just what the loss of these millions of moments means. Lives, and livelihoods, have been impacted, futures have been put on hold and none of us have been able to turn to the next page in our own stories. 

The days and months have passed but those things that were going to be the defining moments for couples haven’t happened. 

We’ve missed the memories and we’ve missed making them.

We would like to thank the 26 talented British film makers for their generosity and support in getting behind this stunning film project and allowing their artistry to be a part of this. Special thanks to Ben of Tynegate Films for rising to the challenge of creating this beautiful film.


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(Film soundtrack, ‘Human Spirit’, by Hans Johnson)


2020 – a million moments were missed, but they won’t ever be forgotten.