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What the financial budget announcement is this?

Once again, women and small creative businesses have been almost entirely left out of our pal Rishi’s plans. As a community that is 80% women owned businesses we felt the need to say something.

This morning inflation hit a 3 decade high. We passionately believe this government has a particular responsibility to mitigate the cost of living crisis impact on women, single parents, Disabled people, those renting, and low-income families. All are represented across our sector, following on from a sustained period of limited or closed trade and no sufficient financial support.

The budget did not go nearly far enough.

What can we do about it?

We can choose to stay positive. We can choose to dedicate ourselves to business growth in the face of adversity. We can choose to rise above and focus on our own goals.

We can also keep standing up for ourselves and others.

Email your MP. Share this post on social media. Read up and educate yourself on what this all means to you and yours, but also those who live and work alongside you.

Women are among the worst impacted by the cost of living crisis.

And yet…

Women led businesses dominate our economy. Women drive consumer spending. Creative businesses and business owners are job creators and facilitators. Flexible work opportunities are a key foundation of our industry growth plan, and help alleviate continued restrictions to affordable and quality childcare.

Politics may not be pretty.

Protest may not be necessary.

Progress is urgently required.


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