What About Weddings – Couples/Brides/Grooms Survey, December 2020

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Since our last survey in the Summer, guidance, and restrictions have changed. Wedding ceremonies and, depending on your ‘tier’, receptions are currently allowed to take place but with very restricted numbers.

It is vitally important to ensure the voices of those actually planning weddings in 2020 and beyond are heard. This survey has been designed to obtain your views at this critical point in time.

We will be completely anonymising the results, collecting additional data, as well as gathering individual case studies from couples and businesses. We will then be presenting all this to those representing the wedding industry who are currently liaising directly with the government in order to find safe ways for weddings with minimal restrictions to return as soon as possible.

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These conversations are happening now and it is so important that your views and personal experiences influence these discussions.

We understand that this is a very stressful and emotional time, and that thinking about your wedding with restrictions and compromises can be really difficult. Please know that your feedback will be valued and so useful to all the venues and suppliers who are dedicated to ensuring that your special celebration goes well.

Please be fully reassured that no personal details will ever be shared with any third party. All data is securely stored and will be deleted when no longer required.

When you have completed the survey please share the link to this page for others to fill in themselves, along with the hashtag #whataboutweddings

The more couples we listen to, the better. Thank you for your time and help.