Over 200 Wedding Venues Demand Reopening Plan and Financial Support from Prime Minister

Over 200 wedding venue owners across the UK are demanding @borisjohnson provides a clear re-opening plan and financial support stimulus to the wedding sector which has been pushed to the brink by lockdown restrictions.

A clear roadmap detailing when the wedding sector can reopen would allow venues to save their 2021 season and push on for a strong year in 2022.

Venues are also seeking tailored financial support to avoid failure. To save them and the thousands of suppliers that depend on them, venues are requesting sector specific cash grants, and to be included in the temporary VAT reduction to 5% on top of business rates exemption alongside extended furlough and other existing schemes.

Many listed buildings and heritage sites rely on weddings as crucial income to maintain their properties. Without this and with no financial support from government, countless significant homes of historical value will fall into disrepair.

This letter comes following a similar letter from #whatsboutweddings to the Prime Minister earlier this week in which over 24,000 wedding businesses and couples urged him to include the industry in the lockdown easing plan and to provide their sector with much needed financial assistance.

If you are venue owner/representative and would like to add your signature to this letter, there is a form at the end of this page for you to do so – thank you so much for your support and solidarity.


Letter to The Prime Minister, Re-opening and support for wedding venues


Rt Hon. Boris Johnson MP
Prime Minister,
10 Downing Street,

20th February 2021

Dear Prime Minister,

Re-opening and support for wedding venues

We are writing as a group of wedding venue owners to ask you to urgently give clarification to the wedding industry by including the sector in the 22nd February roadmap out of lockdown announcement and are appealing to you for immediate financial support. Wedding venues are the largest companies in the industry with the greatest overheads and costs. We are aware of 50 venues that have now gone under. If more collapse, weddings will be cancelled and it could ignite a chain reaction that brings down thousands of businesses and jobs throughout the sector.

The wedding industry is a significant employer and contributor to the UK economy, worth an average of £14.7 billion a year, sustaining 60,000 businesses and 400,000 workers across the country. The reach of this industry goes beyond just one day as it involves businesses such as hairdressers, beauty therapists and florists. However, whilst all those involved in the industry have been pushed to the brink by lockdown restrictions, they are ultimately upheld by wedding venues such as ourselves who will be the first to go under due to our size. Without us, there will be no wedding days for the myriad of different businesses involved to return to, nor service for their desperately needed income. There is therefore the very real possibility that the entire wedding industry and its supply chain, which is proudly female-led, could disappear.

Thousands of jobs will vanish and couples will lose out on their deposits.

Wedding venues like all businesses within the industry need urgent clarity on when weddings will be allowed to resume at full capacity with social distancing in place. Opening up at an arbitrary capacity as was seen with the first reopening will be the final nail in the coffin for venues. We are therefore calling on you to outline your plans on how the wedding industry will move out of lockdown on 22nd February. The sector needs more information about the year ahead, including whether, after Easter, venues will be allowed to restart at full capacity with social distancing at a minimum. A clear roadmap detailing when we can reopen and to what degree would begin to turn our fortunes around and prepare us for a strong 2021 and even more prosperous 2022.

In addition, tailored financial support for the sector is desperately needed to stop wedding venues from failing. As the biggest companies in the industry, we have the greatest number of employees and the largest overheads and without immediate assistance from the government we are facing liquidation. Moreover, wedding venues have missed out on many government support packages as we were technically still trading, at a loss, until the most recent national lockdown. To save our businesses and the thousands that depend on us, cash grants of up to £10,000 will keep us going until 1st April. Furthermore, the sector must also be included in the temporary VAT reduction to 5% and business rates exemption.

The collapse of wedding venues and the wider industry is not just an economic tragedy but will have serious societal ramifications. Weddings are rites of passage and significant religious and cultural moments. Communities across the UK have been unable to celebrate these important events in the way they choose to, and many couples cannot start their life together until they are married.

Moreover, many listed buildings and heritage sites rely on the income from weddings to maintain these properties and without this important income, countless significant homes of historical value will fall into disrepair.

Without support for the sector, there will be fewer marriages and an institution that is the cornerstone for so many communities throughout Britain will be lost. The situation is heartbreaking.
After suffering three restrictive lockdowns, our sector is in peril. We are therefore calling on you to provide the wedding industry and venues with urgent financial support and a clear plan for reopening, to ensure the long term viability of the industry.

Yours sincerely,

  1. Katy Coe, Happy Valley Norfolk
  2. Carolyn and Phillip Moore, Danby Castle
  3. Will and Claire Weedon, Directors, The Old Kent Barn
  4. Sarah & Allan Scott Davies, Upthorpe Wood
  5. Henry & Ruth Hilsdon, Huntsmill Farm
  6. Felicity Henriques, Cripps Barn
  7. Sarah Thuell, Stone Barn
  8. Kathryn Abraham, Shustoke Barn
  9. Emily Neary, Hazel Gap Barn
  10. Tom Joyner, Thorpe Garden
  11. Ed Coke, Steel Grangefields
  12. Fred Hicks, Old Gore Barn
  13. Sharon Nabbs, Tithe Barn, Bolton Abbey
  14. Leanne Luke, Healey Barn
  15. Mark & Louise Bradley, Dodmoor House
  16. Penny Graepel, Gildings Barns
  17. Peter & Nicola Young, Hendall Manor Barns
  18. Adrian & Karen Roberts, Cider Mill Barns
  19. Elaine Brocklesby, Elsham Gardens and Country Park
  20. Catherine Maris Obo, Worton Hall
  21. Darren and Janice Fowler, Woodstock Weddings and Events York.
  22. Graham Wright, The Orangery Suite
  23. Alison Rios McCrone, Altskeith Country House
  24. James Garner, Godwick Hall and Great Barn
  25. Laura Cobain, The Glass House
  26. Adele & Roger Yeomans, The Great Hall at Mains & Mains Hall
  27. Deborah and Robert Ayre, Harefield Barn
  28. Lara Gill & Matthew Stokes, Launcells Barton
  29. Alex Dawe, Lanwades Hall
  30. Mark Shephard, Hedsor House
  31. Hamish Shephard, Hedsor House
  32. Mike Daw & Moira Mcinnes, The Green Cornwall
  33. Gary Walters, The Night Yard
  34. Alex Banford, Oak Farm Hotel
  35. Mark McCall, Wootton Park
  36. Amy Cox, Crockwell Farm
  37. Gavin & Sarah Mackie, Larchfield Estate
  38. Joanne McInnes, The BarnYard
  39. Simon Burnell, Wonderland Wedding Venues
  40. Anna List Brain, Preston Court & The Wilderness
  41. Harry Dearden, Pennard House, Somerset
  42. Philippa Wisbey, Colville Hall
  43. Charlotte & Will Simmons, Twyning Park
  44. Diane Evans, Copdock Hall
  45. Cindy Edwards, Stanford Farm
  46. Naomi Hansford, Quantock Lakes
  47. Deniza Power, Addington Palace
  48. Olivia Lockey, Northside Farm
  49. White Dove Barns
  50. Rupert Stephenson, The Barn at Barons Hill Farm
  51. Angela Gidney, Sales Executive, Warwick House
  52. Jessica Barker, Owner, Thief Hall
  53. Rachel Capel Cure, Blake Hall Weddings
  54. Amy Applegarth, Arley House & Gardens
  55. Amanda Parker, Browsholme Hall.
  56. Ed & Rachael Lindsay, Finnebrogue Woods.
  57. Sharon Wood, Bunny Hill Weddings
  58. Tessa & Drew Forsyth, The Tudor Barn
  59. Charles Roundell, Dorfold Hall
  60. Daniel Goss-Custard, Stanlake Park Wine Estate
  61. Mark Dawson, Brookfield Barn
  62. Ben & Sarah Reeves, The Ashes Barns, Pendrell Hall, The Mill Barns & Foxtail Barns
  63. Sam Cutmore-Scott, Bijou
  64. Harminder Dhillon, IXL Events Centre
  65. Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Vicarage Boutique Hotel
  66. Terri White, The Orchard Bearsted
  67. Sophie Janes, Wick Farm
  68. John O’Malley, Shoreditch Studios & Kachette
  69. Hazel Thompson, New House Farm, Lorton
  70. Angie Roberts, That Amazing Place
  71. Ramana J, Blotts Country Club
  72. Emily Mackie, Lissanoure Castle
  73. Andrew Metcalfe, Downham Hall
  74. Kate Tilley, Pynes House.
  75. Beccy Nicholson, Chippenham Park
  76. Kay Fraser, Great Barn Weddings
  77. Vicki Beamont, The Winding House Weddings
  78. Jan Hollinger, Orange Tree House
  79. Caroline Inchyra, The Byre at Inchyra
  80. Jack Shields, Donington Park Farmhouse
  81. Sammie Croyton, Pentillie Castle
  82. The Tythe Barn Launton
  83. Claire & Richard Down, Upton Barn & Walled Garden
  84. Stephanie Beqo, West Tower
  85. Lolly Streek, The Keeper and The Dell
  86. Josephine O’Brien, Loft Studios
  87. Rosalind Mulholland, Ballyscullion Park
  88. Henry Weldon, Prestwold Hall & Hodsock Priory
  89. Tim Hodgkinson, High Grosvenor
  90. Claire Thomas, Wharfedale Grange
  91. Sarah Callander Beckett, Combermere Abbey
  92. David Leathem, Halo Wedding Venues
  93. Samanthan Vaughan, Dewsall Court
  94. Pauline and Michael Hurst, The Albert
  95. Archie Watson, Tall John’s Weddings,
  96. Samantha Gilchrist, The Ravenswood and Highley Manor
  97. Stuart Guy, Rushpool Hall and Hackness Grange
  98. Natasha Cronin, Crowcombe Court
  99. Steve Leathley, The Priest’s House
  100. Katherine Gribbon, Skitby House
  101. Richard Shell, Doxford Barns and Charlton Hall
  102. Josh Dugdale, Wasing Park
  103. Lynne Harrison, Heskin Hall
  104. Jacqui Mooney, The Oak Tree of Peover
  105. Phil Godsal, Iscoyd Park
  106. Joe & Lizzie Adams, Davenport House
  107. Emily Lewis, The Moat House, Acton Trussell
  108. Guy Chisenhale-Marsh, Gaynes Park
  109. Michaela Kingston, Maunsel House
  110. Greg Beedle, Gants Mill
  111. Julia Pugh, Garthmyl Hall
  112. Charley Pickett, Parklands, Quendon Hall
  113. Simon & Julia Daukes, The Ash Barton Estate
  114. Stephen Rhodes and Caroline Langham, Cote How Lake District
  115. Louise Wilson-Ward, Almonry Barn
  116. Jaymi Maxwell-Tingey, Pentney Abbey, Oxnead Hall, Manor Mews + Reymerston Hall (Unique Norfolk Venues)
  117. Lucy Turner, Unique Norfolk Venues
  118. Claire Brainerd, Stubton Hall
  119. Jaine Binns, Manor House Lindley
  120. Gemma Murdoch, Trunkwell House
  121. Rachel Woodason, Turnkwell House
  122. Rebecca Seyfried, The Barn at Cott Farm
  123. Richard Marson, Tern Hill Hall
  124. Melanie De Matos, The Cherry Barn
  125. Rebecca Turner, Glen Lodge
  126. Cameron Mcleary, The Vu
  127. Robert Mcleary, The Vu
  128. Dianne Evans, Glenfall House
  129. Jane & Ben Corkhill, New Craven Hall
  130. Abby White, Haarlem Mill
  131. Sarah Pether, Hedingham Castle
  132. Bridget Vincent, Acorn Barn
  133. Zoe Taylor, Thornton Manor Estate
  134. Elisabeth Cox, Barns & Yard
  135. Natalie Nixon, Hurlston Hall
  136. Kate Tabor, Quendon Hall, Fennes & Warwick House
  137. Katie Clar, Oaks Farm
  138. Andrea Matthews, Oaklands weddings
  139. Sarah Farkas, Shottle Hall
  140. Sarah Heath, Heaton House Farm
  141. Kate Cross, Caswell House
  142. Toby Williams, Alrewas Hayes
  143. Anna McCleave, Knightor Winery
  144. Samantha Thomas, Skylark Weddings
  145. Tezay Mustafa, Regency Banqueting Suite
  146. Beckie Melvin, Flaxbourne Gardens
  147. Janet Sorak, The Barn
  148. Lisa Calvert, Marks Hall Estate
  149. Anselm Guise & Rachel Terrett, Elmore Court
  150. Laura Bates, Warwick House
  151. Mike Baker, The Orangery Maidstone
  152. Mike Baker, The Castle Westenhanger
  153. Celia Gaze, The Wellbeing Farm
  154. Jenny Aylett, The Gardens Yalding
  155. Alison Bell-Hornsey, The Barn on the Bay
  156. Helen Johnson, Hales Hall & The Great Barn
  157. Simon & Jule Daukes, Arches Beach Weddings
  158. Rogers Yeomans, Mains Hall
  159. Georgina Higham, Style Lodge
  160. Alicia Cox, Talhenbont Hall
  161. Nicola & Tim Kearsay, Upwaltham Barns
  162. David and Henrietta Reade, Breckenhill
  163. Chris Mclaughlin, Drenagh House Estate
  164. Paul Quinn, Old Rectory Killyman
  165. Kiera Goymour, Applewood Hall
  166. Tina Mcquillan, Kilmore Country House
  167. Hannah Montague-Fuller, The Barn at Upcote
  168. Cara Willoughby, Birdsall House
  169. Carl Winston, Wildwood & Eden
  170. Tanya Thom, The Royal Hotel 6
  171. Jonathan Rowe, Trevenna
  172. Ben and Laura Harris, Sissons Barn
  173. Bill Douetil, Busbridge Lakes
  174. Kim Stewart, Great Betley Farmhouse
  175. Jackie Noble, Eastwood Park
  176. Raymond Clifford Harker, Eden Barn
  177. Darren Flower, Woodstock Weddings & Events
  178. Tracey Owen, Tyn Dwr Hall
  179. Richard Blackett, Coltsfoot
  180. Kate Turner, Milton End Farm Weddings
  181. Donna Stockley, Glemham Hall
  182. Joanna Tomlins, Higher Holcombe
  183. Alison Lockyer, Dairyhouse Farm Barn Weddings
  184. John Bickerstaffe, Beeston Manor
  185. Clare Passmore, The House Meadow
  186. Ellice Cresser, Colehayes Park
  187. Karen Challinor, The Farm Festival Weddings & Events
  188. Richard Walker, Larkspur Lodge
  189. Sophie Rymer, Birtsmorton Court
  190. Pippa Turner, The Manor Estate
  191. Charlotte Boutwood, Odo’s Barn
  192. Wayne Arnold, The Old Vicarage
  193. Tawry-Kate Bailey, The Park House Hotel
  194. Bonnie Williams, Alrewas Hates
  195. Richard Gale, Kingscote Barn
  196. Fatima Sabat, The Empire
  197. Rachel Dancey, De Courceys Manor
  198. Jennifer Kent, Lodge Farm Weddings
  199. Martin Ainscough, Longlands at Cartmel
  200. Tim & Stef Erbe, Logie Country House
  201. Christina Rose, The West Mill
  202. Vanessa Shipp, Grittleton House
  203. Henry Weldon, Hall Barns
  204. Geoffrey and Etta Wyatt, Cissbury Barns
  205. Charlotte Davies, Cockliffe Country House
  206. Anna Stephenson, The Great Barn
  207. Nico Mead, Pencarrow House
  208. Jon-Paul Davies, Kelham House Country Manor
  209. Vanessa Kenny, Knowsley Hall
  210. Denise Reynolds, Notley Tythe Barn
  211. Anna Byass, Norton Hall
  212. Nicola Dixon, Farbridg
  213. Michael McElhatton, Greenvale Hotel
  214. Rosie Glaister, Ramster Hall
  215. Linda Jagger, Laughing Waters
  216. Eva Butler, Clock Barn
  217. Lisa Wishart, The Dalziel Park Hotel
  218. Suzanne Findlay, Stokes Farm Barn
  219. James Gibbons, Worthing Dome
  220. Penny Holley, The Copse Country House


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