Key Facts

Key wedding sector facts and statistics:

1. 278,599 weddings per year in the UK

2. Total estimated £14.7bn direct spend on weddings every year:

          £9.4bn spent on wedding ceremonies and celebrations

          £3.2bn spent on retail (wedding attire, jewellery, wedding gifts)

          £2.1bn travel, tourism and pre-wedding events (hen and stag events, mini-moons, honeymoons and wedding day related travel and tourism

3. Approximately 250,000 people depend on work related to delivering a wedding celebration on the day, with an estimated 150,000 more in support functions – a total of 400,000 involved in weddings

4. The wedding sector is seasonal with 79% of business occurring between 1st April and 31st October




1 Source: ONS England & Wales, ONS Scotland, ONS Northern Ireland – latest available data from 2017
2 Source: ONS England & Wales
3 Data sourced and analysed in August 2020 and from a cross section of wedding planners representing different sectors and price points who gave a 3 snap shot of their average wedding day spend and other key insights
4 Sources Hitched National Wedding Survey 2019 (Wedding Attire Spend) | Admiral Wedding Survey 2019 (Gift List Spend) | snap shot (as above) for 4 outfits with ABB anecdotal evidence
5 Sources Ampersand Travel Honeymoon and snap shot (as above)