We are gathering video clips from engaged couples and wedding industry suppliers, workers and venue owners to ask the U.K. government to #standupforweddings

Please kindly use the form below to add your details and upload a short (30 seconds max) video of yourself saying the exact words below:

Planning your own wedding? Say this: 

“My name is X, I am engaged and I have postponed X times. I want the government to stand up for weddings.”

Work in the wedding industry? Say this: 

“My name is X and I am a <insert business type>. I’ve been working in the industry for X years and I want the government to stand up for weddings.”

Please speak in normal conversational tone – not too slow, not too fast.

Please also ensure your video snippet is no longer than 30 seconds.

Please use your mobile phone and talk face to camera. We advise holding your phone upright (not sideways) or propping it upright near to a window for good natural light.

As ever, we are so grateful for your continued support, bravery and commitment to supporting the #whataboutweddings campaign alongside all those working so hard to ensure our community is heard.


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