Two Years On: What Next?

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On this day in 2020, Boris Johnson announced the first lockdown.

How have the past two years affected you?

Do you still feel like you are struggling? Have you found new confidence in yourself?

We have so many questions, because whilst we *must* look forward to a brighter future, we must also learn lessons and continue to grow as a sector on stronger foundations.

And so we wish to tell you that we have a…


A brand new, never been done before, fresh and shiny, not just the frills, but a serious and challenging inclusive and accessible members only community for the wedding sector. And we want you all in it.

Why? Because we think we are stronger together. Because we want to share our knowledge and let you take our foundations to new levels.

Podcasts, live Q&As, informative articles, interviews, politics, legal challenges, health and well-being, mental health support, learning and development, discounts, financial advice, business mentoring, trend forecasting, sustainability talking, charity raising… and quite possibly some good old fashioned fun making!

Two years. We are not the same. We are better. We are stronger. We are together a force for job creating and business growth. We are contributors. We finally have a seat at the table. Let’s not waste it!