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It’s the 4th of January and let’s be honest, it’s been a tough day and, it might get tougher. So, we want to say we’re back, we’re here and we’re still fighting.

We have absolutely no intention of letting the voices of wedding businesses and couples get swamped in the wave of noise that’s getting louder and louder.We need to keep speaking up, more loudly than ever before so we can’t be brushed aside.

Tomorrow, 5th January, let’s all take 5:

1. Email your MP (you will find letter templates here) – we know that this is something that we keep asking for but it’s SO important, particularly as MPs are back in the Commons on Wednesday. Follow up, or get in touch with your own story.

2. Let’s rally around the things that we all need – we need a roadmap to reopening, we need financial support, we need clear guidance, we need a stimulus package and we need proper government engagement.

3. Get loud on social media – if you can bring yourself to get on Twitter, tag @WAWofficialUK and #whataboutweddings and you’ll be guaranteed support.

4. Be kind – reach out to others in the wedding community and offer support where you can.

5. Support What About Weddings – there will be lots coming out this week so share, share share!


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We know that this week is going to be difficult for lots of us, for lots of different reasons, but if we can just take 5, speak up and feel the support that we can all give each other, we can get through this. And finding your voice will make you feel stronger, that we can promise you.

We’re back, more energised than ever before and we’re here for you. Contact us, we’re here and we’re not going away.

If you’ve got any questions, get in touch – comment below or message us if you’d like to keep it private. We try to reply to everyone across all our social media channels.

If this year is going to be a fight, we’re rolling up our sleeves and we’re standing shoulder to shoulder with businesses and couples.

We’ve got your backs and we’re not going to be quiet.