Official Government Guidelines

Working Responsibly and Adhering To The Guidelines

It is important to note that the government guidelines guidance linked to above are by their very nature, a set of instructions rather than law, and therefore open to interpretation and more dangerously, exploitation through loopholes.

Please don’t seek to exploit the current guidelines by identifying loopholes or disregarding the advice in any sense. We urge you strongly to remember that these guidelines have been put in place to protect all of us; couples, guests, and suppliers.

A Resource For Everyone Seeking To Plan Covid Safe Weddings

The Wedding sector is made up of creative problem solvers who are passionate about helping couples enjoy their wedding throughout this pandemic and despite of government restrictions. A team of sector professionals have worked together to help demystify these guidelines and provide practical advice. Their advice has been checked over by a professional health and safety expert. You will find their advice on the dedicated website.

Couples – please do not put your suppliers under pressure to conduct their services in a situation that doesn’t follow the guidelines.

Suppliers – please do not conduct services that would mean you are not insured or could be contributing to a wedding that would make the headlines for being the super-spreaders that we have seen in other countries.

Please visit for full details.