Shameful ‘Deathbed Wedding’ Response when Mum With Incurable Stage 4 Cancer Has a Dying Wish to Marry

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Just when we thought the emotional rollercoaster couldn’t hit us any harder, it did.

After the weekend’s bruising announcement that weddings, except in exceptional circumstances, would be prohibited in England’s November lockdown, it seems that actually, you can’t even take your vows when your circumstances truly are exceptional.

Laura, a terminally ill bride receiving palliative care, had been due to marry at Thief Hall on 21st November with a mere handful of witnesses. She has planned her chemo around this date and has been taking all the necessary precautions.

Exceptional, right?

No, not at all exceptional according to her local registrars who have turned down the request for the wedding to go ahead as apparently it needs to be a ‘deathbed’ ceremony. The fact that Laura is currently able to be at home, trying to make the most of the time she has with her family despite her diagnosis, means that her case is not exceptional.

We’ll let you read some of the tweets explaining the situation for yourself…

Getting married is a fundamental human right and it’s already been a body blow for couples who had been planning to get married in November that they’re being denied that right.

However, denying someone a wedding who is receiving palliative care and has been given a terminal diagnosis is nothing short of heartless and cruel. There is no fixed date when weddings can take place again, there is no guarantee that Laura will get the marriage she so clearly wants if the wedding is pushed back.

To want nothing more than to marry, knowing what you’re facing is exceptional and surely anyone with a heart would interpret the guidelines to allow Laura and her partner to take their vows later this month.

If you would like to add your voice to the growing noise on social media to give support to Laura, please visit @WAWOfficialUK and retweet, tagging the Prime Minister, your MP and any journalists/TV voices that might be supportive.

We’re also aware that a petition is awaiting approval on the government website and we’ll update this page with the link when it’s available to sign.


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