The entire wedding sector must be heard. Businesses deserve immediate support, and couples deserve clarity and a roadmap, and sadly, we do not have the privilege of time on our side. There isn’t a single day to waste on this.

The Prime Minister’s decision to reduce the number of people who can attend a wedding from 30 to 15, effective 28th September, makes our need for sector specific support to help us bridge the gap to the other side, critical and immediate.

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Every single individual voice and small action taken towards supporting this campaign counts.

Please help us gain traction and be heard, so that we can elevate the status of our campaign and lobby together as one, strong, cohesive sector, recognised for it’s talent and expertise, the thousands of livelihoods that are dependent on it and the many billions it contributes to the UK economy annually.

Your voice counts. Make it heard.


Email/Write To Your MP

>>>  Use this letter / email template.

Find out who your local MP is here.

We’ve made it super simple for you – all you need to do is add your own details where the template says so.


Email/Write To Your MP

>>>  Use this letter / email template.

Find out who your local MP is here.

When contacting to your MP, we encourage you to explain your story, explain your situation and explain the impact this is having on you, your finances, emotions and family.


Whenever you post anything on social media about this, please use the #WhatAboutWeddings hashtag. You can also use the #StandUpForWeddings hashtag if you wish.

Support those MPs who do engage on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) – thank them for engaging with us.

Tag in your local MP, BBC News, your local BBC radio station/newspaper, national newspapers. The more noise right now, the better. The more frequently the message is heard, the better. We need to ask them all – what about weddings?


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