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SUBJECT: Tailored Support For The Wedding Industry

On Monday 12th October 2020, The Prime Minister said in the House that “I have real sympathy for those in the wedding industry who have been affected. It is a great industry, and times are very tough for them.” However, his roadmap announcement on 22nd February has done nothing to help.

The sector is closed. It has been effectively closed since March 2020 and now, with a return to severely restrictive arbitrary numbers, we have no hope of trading viably before June 21st at the earliest. We are struggling so I ask for your help.

<Please insert your own business story and how you’ve been affected by government restrictions, and how you have been impacted directly. Please include specific details about the impact on staff, turnover and ability to support your clients both short and long term>

As I’m sure you’re aware, the wedding industry is worth over £14 billion annually to the UK economy, and it is estimated that 400,000 people service this sector, right across the country. It is absolutely vital that businesses are supported financially so that we’re able to make it to June. Our sector urgently needs targeted grants, an extension to furlough/SEISS (to include those previously excluded from support) and additional measures such as inclusion in the VAT reduction scheme and a government supported insurance scheme to bring confidence to couples and businesses alike.

The roadmap announcement puts the wedding industry right back to where it was last year in terms of numbers and restrictions, businesses have used all their reserves just to get to this point but are now being hit by yet another wave of cancellations and postponements. We have no hope of trading profitably for another four months and by the end of June, we will have lost half of the summer season and will have endured 15 months of effective closure.

Monday’s announcement has not helped the wedding sector at all. If anything, it has caused more issues, more problems and more hardship and many simply won’t survive without support. Please, as my MP, I call on you to do everything you can for me and all the wedding businesses in your constituency.

Kind regards