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SUBJECT: Tailored Support For The Wedding Industry

I’m writing to you today, as one of your constituents, to ask that you speak up for the tens of thousands of couples who are left confused and unsure of their next move when it comes to weddings. Monday’s announcement has caused more confusion and has resulted in many couples, including ourselves, feeling that the government values pubs and football above marriage and commitment.

<<Please insert your own personal story here – include details such as number of postponements, issues with the current dates/plan, questions that you have that have been left unresolved by the lack of guidance or anything you wish to share>>

Support for couples like us who are waiting to get married is one thing but there also needs to be support for the wedding industry. The wedding industry is being ignored, when it needs to be recognised for its talent and expertise, the thousands of livelihoods that are dependent on it and the many billions it contributes to the UK economy annually. These suppliers have contractual obligations to couples just like us and, to their credit, they are ignoring the government’s advice to ‘get better jobs.’ 

However, after Monday, they now know that they have no hope of trading profitably until the end of June. This will mean 15 months of effective closure and little or no income for them. Additionally, many wedding suppliers within the wedding industry are freelancers, sole traders and small limited businesses who receive very limited government financial support. 

MPs, from all political parties, are speaking up about the impact that ignoring weddings is having. On 12th October, the Prime Minister said:

“I have real sympathy for those in the wedding industry who have been affected. It is a great industry, and times are very tough for them.”

His announcement on Monday has not improved the outlook for businesses or for couples like us. It is hard to understand why couples and businesses have been treated this way. We feel like an afterthought to the government and the roadmap suggests that those wishing to marry and those who rely on weddings for employment have been, yet again, ignored.

With thanks for all of your current efforts, and in anticipation of discussing your next steps.